“Lamentation” by Yllen Ambrose




Maria oh Maria

Superfluous Maria.

Did I ask for a purging?

Had I been yearning for a cleansing?

Are the tears you weep a justified sorrow?

Will the terror in your wake be necessary tomorrow?

Will the pall of jubilant falls of upright clouds

Be worth the damage you’ve caused?

Now full of remorse for the pain that you’ve caused,

Will you recompense by unearthing the kindred spirits

Pervading them through the hub of this battered nation?

In realization that in humbling admonition

We are nothing if not for our companions.

That maybe, just maybe your actions

Weren’t at all redundant to Erika,

But a reminder that together

We will come to an understanding

That we are all one being.

by Yllen Ambrose.


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