CARICOM ANTHEM: sung by Michele Henderson


Video Credit: CYA SVG Committee CARICOM

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Caribbean Community, there was a call for an anthem of CARICOM. The lyrics and music of Michele Henderson from Dominica was successfully selected for the CARICOM Anthem.

Verse 1
From many distant lands, our fore fathers came
Some seeking adventure, some bound in chains
Through battles waged and fought
Through victory and pain
By test of their courage
Our freedom was gained
In homage to those gone before us
The heroes of lands in the sun
We vow to join hands and to focus
On building one Caribbean
Raise your voices high
Sing of your Caribbean pride
Sing it loud and strong
Feel our hearts beat as one
Celebrate in song
As we rise to heights where we belong
Sound the victory drum
Verse 2
Though great and diverse be our ethnicities
The bonds that unite us are stronger than these
We dine we pray we love, we dance and we play
We relate to each other the West Indian way
Today as people united
Determined and steadfast we stand
We look to a brand new horizon
The future now firmly in our hands
Hélé hélé bwavo (Shout Bravo)
Opo yu stem CARICOM (Raise your voices CARICOM)
Lévé lévé vwa’w (Raise your Voices)
Naki yu dron CARICOM (Beat your drum CARICOM)
Tanbouyé tanbou a wo (Drummer drum woh)
Opo you stem CARICOM (Raise your voices CARICOM)
Lévé lévé vwa’w (Raise your voices)

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