D.A.R.F offers Financial Aid to 15 students evacuated from storm-torn Dominica


St Johns, Antigua. The Dominica Antigua Relief Fund -D.A.R.F -has provided 15 students evacuated from Dominica, with financial grants to purchase books, uniforms and articles needed to attend school in Antigua.

In an Observer Radio interview with Darwin Telemaque, Telemaque stated that DARF doubled its effort to manage the increasing number of migrants to Antigua. This task has become increasingly difficult.

He stated that the Government of Antigua has been greatly supportive of DARF’s mission, and he requests private citizens to also assist in the endeavor.

Telemaque says, more than 40 children have received grants from money collected through fund raisers and individual contributions. And the 15 students received $500 each to aid with books and school supplies.

Those interested in making a contribution can call 723 5687. DARF is also providing further assistance for families who have taken in Dominicans.

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