Dear Editor: Hurricane Proof House Structures Needed

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Dear Editor,

Here is some helpful and detailed information on Hurricane Proof House Structures you may want to share with your readers.

1. Wind can’t build up enough pressure on any side to cause a structural failure

2. Optimum roof pitch (6/12) for wind deflection and reduced lift

3. Circular structure transfers environmental loads most efficiently


4. Radial floor & roof trusses work like spokes on a wheel

5. Energy from wind is dispersed instead of building up in a single area material.

6. Machine rated 2400 psi framing lumber used in trusses and walls is twice
as strong as typical framing material.

7. Five Ply 5/8” plywood sheathing used instead of OSB on exterior walls,
roof and floor strengthens the home and prevents flying debris from penetrating
the structural

8. Reinforced windows with impact glass prevent wind and water from entering the home


9. Oversized truss hangers keep roof system anchored to walls

10. Walls have multiple construction ties to the floor system for structural stability and to transfer shear forces.

11. Continuous metal strapping from roof trusses to foundation helps
maintain structural stability


12. Solar water heater provides uninterrupted hot water

13. Enhanced insulation maintains a balanced temperature inside the home.
Reflective metal roof helps reduce radiant heat gain in the home

14. Passive solar design helps heat and cool the building through appropriate window placement.

Steven Mckenzie (Djay Smoove).


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