Should the Standard Building code for all OECS Countries be Revisited?


The Social Network war about the durability of Caribbean homes created quite a buzz this hurricane season. Many onlookers view Caribbean homes as matchsticks while others sympathize given the magnitude of the sustain winds they fought against.

Looking at the destruction of so many beautiful homes in the Caribbean, a solution is definitely is needed. Why is it that some houses still stand and some roofs are still in tact? Were short cuts taken by the builders or was the storm a bit more unforgiving to those houses?  What can be done going forward to ensure lives aren’t lost or homes continue to stand strong long after the howling winds have died down?

Some critics have suggested revisiting the Building Codes in hurricane impact islands. However, is it possible to have a one-size-fits-all solution in the case of building houses for earthquakes and hurricane?

One resident who lost his home on the island of Dominica vowed that his new house would only be concrete. But with a concrete roof, could this prove to be disastrous in the case of an earthquake?

As the discussions continue, no doubt engineers and architects have quite the feat ahead as they prepare to design and build structures which can withstand the power of modern weather patterns.



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