Hello Fashion Designers! The Kids are Coming!

Photo Credit: Picture This


Often times kids are asked, what they want to be when they grow up. And their answers vary through all sorts of careers. Some may wish to be models or fashion designers. The kids with their playmates may seek to draw different designs between their games hoping one day to materialize their dreams.

This dream which may have seemed far fetched at one point is now possible thanks to a new company which allows kids to design their own clothes, and design their own clothes they did.

Jaimee Newberry, mommy and entrepreneur created “Picture This” the first company which allows kids to wear their own designs. Inspired by her daughters designs, Ms. Newberry created dresses for her as her daughter exclaimed to people, “I’m wearing my imagination”.

Ms. Newberry stated that, “Due to the positive response and requests from Zia’s friends and classmates to also ‘wear their imagination,’ friends Ken, Igi, Stephan and I chatted about how to turn this concept into something where kids everywhere could have fun with hands-on drawing and coloring, and then see their imaginative artwork come to life in wearable fashion form,”

The process allows the kids with adult supervision to choose a template available on the “Picture This” website, then after they have colored in the template, photos of the completed designs can be uploaded and orders can be placed. The finished dresses arrive within a few weeks.

Picture it also allows kids to design dresses for their dolls.

The designs are not only unique; they are very original.

What’s the future for design now kids are in the driving seat? The future’s colorful.

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