Job Vacancy: Graduate Teacher – Law (Government of Anguilla)


Government of Anguilla

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JOB TITLE: Graduate Teacher





Social Services


















The Valley




Head of Department


1.         MANDATE


             To determine the learning needs of students in a particular subject area and plan,                          organize and deliver ideas and materials about that subject in a manner that would                        stimulate and sustain the interest of the student and promote self-confident knowledge                 about the subject.





2.         KEY FUNCTIONS


               I.   To plan and organise teaching lessons and training programmes.


              ii.   To conduct and evaluate teaching effectiveness.


             iii.   To confirm student understanding and evaluate performance.













3.         KEY DUTIES

             (a)    Peruse and ensure personal understanding of the syllabus of a particular subject                          area.


             (b)    Plan and prepare course programme(s) and lessons accordingly.


             ©      Select the most appropriate teaching methods, approach(es) and materials to                                 ensure effective delivery of ideas and to promote interest in and learning of the                              subject matter.


             (d)    Deliver lectures/lessons to students/pupils and encourage discussions about                                  subject matter.


             (e)     Maintain order and standards of discipline in the classroom and in the general                                environment of the school.


             (f)      Assess, record and report, in the agreed and approved manner, the performance,                           progress and levels of academic attainment of each student/pupil.


             (g)     Determine the personal and social needs of the students/pupils and provide or                                arrange for the provision of corrective and/or enhancing counselling as needed.


             (h)     Ensure that at all times, good work and/or commendable behaviours on the part of                         students are recognized and rewarded.


             (I)       Recommend promotion of students on the basis of performance and demonstrated                        abilities and talents.


             (j)       Prepare report cards on each student.


             (k)      Liaise with parents of students as needed and participate in Parent-Teachers                                  Association meetings.


             (l)       Contribute to the organization and participate in the extra-curricula activities of the                         school e.g. fund raising events, sports and cultural activities, school or class                                  outings etc.


             (m)     May be required to carry out the tasks of Year Head as needed.


             (n)      Attend and participate in staff and inter-departmental meetings to plan and                                      coordinate teaching efforts.


             (o)      Maintain daily attendance register.


             (p)      Perform other related duties as required by the job function.




             Report to Head of Department or Principal

             Liaise with parents, teaching and education professional and institutions locally,                            regionally and internationally




5.                                             KEY AUTHORITIES     


             Authorized to:


             (a)    Interpret the curriculum and syllabus of a particular subject area.


             (b)    Plan organize and deliver lectures/lessons.


             ©      Maintain standards of discipline in and outside of classroom.


             (d)    Assess, record and report on students/pupils performance, behaviours, capacities                         and talent.


             (e)    Interface with parents.



6.         KEY REPORTS


             Reports on student performance, behaviours, capacities, talent and potential





             i.   Extent to which teaching timetables and schedules are met.


            ii.   Extent to which expected transfer of learning and knowledge are realized.



8.         SCOPE OF THE JOB


             The job carries responsibility for the teaching and training of students in specific                            disciplines to meet/satisfy established standards, specifications, learning and                                knowledge criteria.









             This incumbent must possess well developed theoretical and practical knowledge of                      teaching and education methodologies, techniques, procedures, work methods, sound                 knowledge of a major educational subject or subject area, interpretative judgement and                problem solving ability and a sound understanding of the socio economic and cultural                  factors that influence learning.


              These knowledges, skills and abilities are normally obtained in the process of                                acquisition of accredited teaching certification, a university degree in specialised or                      general subject areas and at least two years post qualification experience.











This document is intended to reflect those factors considered necessary to describe the principal functions of your job and should not be construed as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the job.

All application forms for employment in the Anguilla Public Service must be completed online via the Government of Anguilla website.

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