Job Vacancy: Registrar/ Deputy Director – Lands and Surveys (Government of Anguilla).


Government of Anguilla





























1.         MANDATE


Fulfil the statutory duties of the Registrar of Lands as mandated by the Registered Land Act, assist in the development of land related policies, legislation, regulations and plans, manage  and maintain efficient Land Administration systems and serve the Anguilla public in accordance with the various Land Acts, policies and procedures.



2.         KEY FUNCTIONS


1.        Manage the Land Administration Section/Land Registry.

2.        Coordinate, manage and conduct hearings in accordance with the Registered Land Act.

3.        Arbitrate and mediate land matters.


3.         KEY DUTIES


1.       Coordinate and manage the day to day operations of the Land Registry Section so as to ensure compliance with statutory regulations and established standards while ensuring the targets are achieved by:

(i)      Analyse and review for compliance with the Registered Land Act all instruments and surveys presented for registration.

(ii)     Register the specific instruments, surveys, strata plans and all other instruments in accordance with the Registered Land Act and Condominium Act.

(iii)   Oversee the overall maintenance of Registers.

(iv)   Arrange Hearings (a quasi-judicial procedure, with witnesses under oath).

N.B. Appeals against the Registrar’s decisions lie only to the Anguilla High Court.






3.         KEY DUTIES (CON’T)


2.       Advise staff and other Government entities on means to achieve compliance with laws administered by the Department and specifically the Registered Land Act and Condominium Act

3.       Inform external customers on steps to achieve compliance with the laws administered by the Department and specifically the Registered Land Act and Condominium Act.

4.       Provide day to day guidance to all land Registry staff on all matters pertaining to the registration process and to ensure that staff receives the proper training opportunities to allow them to fulfil their potential.

5.        Assist in succession planning and the provision of Human Resource advice and/or guidance.

6.         Ensure that performance appraisals of Land Registry staff are completed and that regular reviews undertaken where required.

7.       Assess and advise on the information technology needs as it relates to the Land Registry.

8.       Monitor the current trends of Land Registration and Land Administration Systems.

9.       Provide reports on land related matters and expert advice in land matters to the Judiciary.

10.   Assist in the revision of current operating procedures and processes of the Land Administration/Registry Section of the Department.

11.   Liaise with customers to provide clarification and information on processes, procedures, guidelines, regulations and legislation as necessary.

12.   Assist in drafting land related policies consistent with macro-economic and strategic development considerations.

13.   Make recommendations for the drafting of regulations and legislation with regard to land matters.

14.   Preside over and conduct hearings in accordance with the Registered Land Act.

15.   Produce written decisions on dispute hearings in accordance with the Registered Land Act.

16.   Ensure that the Land Registry Data Base is updated.

17.   Ensure that all land records are current.

18.   Plan, formulate and action (in conjunction with the Director) Land Registry policies, strategies and programmes. Be an active member of the Departmental Management Team.

19.   Assist the Director in formulating a strategy (and implementing the same) in relation to the introduction of an electronic Land Registry, GIS and Web Applications at the appropriate time. The preferred candidate would have demonstrated the ability to understand, analyse and resolve Information Technology issues essential to successfully implementing such a system.

20.   Assist The Director with annual budget preparation as it relates to the Land Registry Section.

21.   Act as Director when required, with the exception of  the roles of Chief Surveyor and the Chief Valuation Officer, during periods of absence and to undertake during those times all functions and responsibilities of the substantive post.

22.   Participate in Disaster Management activities designed to prepare for, mitigate against and respond to disaster events.

23.   Develop and implement strategies for improving and maintaining a high level of Customer Service in the public sector.

24.   Perform other related duties as required by the job function.








  1. Report to the Director of Lands and Surveys
  2. Supervise the Assistant Registrar
  3. Responsible for Land Registry Staff
  4. Liaise with other departmental/section heads
  5. Liaise with established Regulatory, Statutory and Governmental Agencies
  6. Liaise with regional counterparts



5.                                             KEY AUTHORITIES

Authorised to:-

  1. Conduct hearings to resolve land disputes
  2. Provide expert legal advice on land matters
  3. Ensure the updating of the Land Registry Data Base
  4. Issue land certificates
  5. Remove restrictions/cautions


6.                  KEY REPORTS


  1. Annual reports for the Land Registry Sections
  2. Decision notices
  3. Reports on land related issues for lawyers and the court.
  4. Land registration policies and procedure


Extent to which:-

  1. timeliness, accuracy and reliability of Land Registry system.
  2. degree of Statutory and regulatory compliance for land administration functions are performed.
  3.  recommended land administration policies and procedures are adopted and desired results achieved.



8.         SCOPE OF THE JOB


The incumbent should be in possession of a formal law qualification (degree or above) such qualification having included elements of study in the area of land/contract law, preferably within a common law jurisdiction. The job requires experience working in land administration and registration, the ability to work on one’s own initiative and interpret and execute the various Acts related to land including but not limited to the Registered Land Act, Condominium Act, Stamp Act, Aliens Land Holding Licence Regulations Act.


The job is of a statutory nature and requires diligence and confidentiality along with the ability to work singly and advise on land related issues.  A sound background of economic, social and legal issues is also necessary for the effective performance of the job function.




The incumbent must possess well-developed theoretical and practical land administration skills and an    excellent working knowledge of the statutory and regulatory frameworks within which the function operates. The incumbent must also possess calculative and analytical ability; communicative, interpretive and interpersonal skills as well as an effective understanding of the management function and the Registered Land Act. Clear and precise thinking of an analytical kind is required plus the ability to communicate effectively with all strata of Anguillian society.

The incumbent must be prepared to go “above and beyond” in their dedication to the Land Registry and as workloads require. He/She must possess a dynamic and proactive outlook, must be a team player, be able to make tough and unpopular decisions as the need arises and as required by Law and must be able to interpret statute and debate the same with others.

The desired/required knowledge, skills and abilities are normally obtained in the process of the acquisition of a university degree in land law, land administration, legal studies or a related field and a minimum five (5) years working experience with land registration and land information systems. Qualifications as a mediator would be an asset.

This document is intended to reflect those factors considered necessary to describe the principal functions of your job and should not be construed as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the job.October 2017

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