Kalinago descendant, Kerrell Adele Dangleben graduates with a Masters in Psychology in spite of life setbacks.


Another milestone crossed for Adelle Kerrell Durand Dangleben who today graduated from Grambling State University in Louisiana, with her Masters in Psychology. In an interview with One Caribbean Network, Ms. Dangleben shares her challenges and accomplishments. She said that she attributes a lot of her success to the encouragement from her parents, and dedicates her accomplishment to her mom who passed away on May 19, 2003.

“Mom, Growing up, you always told me that my life as a child was not going to last forever. From an early age, you instilled in me the value of hard work, perseverance and dedication. The days I came home crying because someone had called me a derogatory name because of the texture of my hair and the color of my skin, you, my mother would hold me close and tell me that the only way I could survive was to be strong, stronger than a thousand winds. I had to rise up and stand against all odds.

Today, I am not only a living testimony of the what you taught me, but I am also a reflection of that strength I cultivated from the early age of 5. The beginning of a series of unfortunate events. SCHOOL was my sweet escape. As I ponder on my childhood and the struggles that you went through, burning the candlelight making baskets to ensure my education, the days I did not have a pair of shoe to go to school and you would say to me: “not having shoes do not define you”.

Kerrell shared with OCN that may days she would come home with her feet blistered because the road was too hot and the side of the road was infested with prickles and thorns. She also remember days when her dad use to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to make sure her fry fig and lime leaf tea was ready before she left for high school.

Today, she said that she walked  across the stage with nothing but pride, and special thanks to her parents and family, her backbone and pillar of hope and strength . . . light in her darkest hours.

“I accept my degree because you made me into this strong beautiful woman. The roads were not paved with gold, but love and motivation.” Today, Kerrell Adele Durand Dangleben holds a BA in Psychology and a MA in Psychology.”

Ms. Dangleben hopes to continue working toward a PHD in Clinical Psychology.

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