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September 29, 2017 10 a.m.
I AM My Brothers and Sisters Keeper.
The entire Caribbean region is in shock…for many of us have never experienced or witnessed the magnitude of devastation and destruction that hurricanes Irma and Maria unleased on our beautiful islands. Those of us spared the onslaught of nature’s fury gaze at the images in horror, unable to imagine the “what if”. But…there are those who have lost almost everything. Who have to pick up the pieces of their lives. Who have to let go of their treasured possessions. Who are at the mercy of strangers for their daily existence. Those for who the future is uncertain and the journey back to some semblance of normalcy seems like a long, impossible task.
In the aftermath of this disaster, the entire Caribbean region will be called upon to help our regional brothers and sisters in their recovery efforts. With damage assessments still in progress, it is expected that the cost of recovery for the affected island states will run into billions of dollars and will take a considerable length of time to rebuild economies. To rebuild lives.
While the region continues rallied to assist with basic necessities including food and water and personal items, the priorities of safety and security remain key components in the early recover effort. The need for safe and secure shelter for those who have lost their homes, the need to quickly restore health care for the injured, the sick, infants and elderly. The need to have safe and sanitary food and water for consumption to avoid widespread illness. These are just a few of the safety and security priorities.
The catalyst for the I AM Live Aid Project Caribbean initiative came initially from the request for assistance from hospitals that were damaged, to help ensure that the facilities were restored to operational level as soon as possible to be able to provide required health care and to be able to deal with emergencies as they arose. As the team discussed and received requests, the magnitude of the diversity of the scope of safety and security became more apparent and started to morph into a focus still on assisting health and patient care facilities but with the added commitment to assisting with providing safe shelter, clean water, the ability to connect with loved ones, and even restoration for some semblance of education facilities for children so that in the midst of chaos, they need for normalcy can be quickly restored.
The team started organising containers of water to be shipped to islands affected, securing tarps for cover roofs,
and working with corporate partners for address needs as they swiftly arose. As the scope and intensity of the
request magnified after Hurricane Maria, it became evident that a fund was required to assist with urgent
requests to meet needs that cannot wait for the red tape of oft time necessary bureaucracy which can slow the
ability of governments and agencies to respond.
The I AM Caribbean Fund is a project which has brought together the Caribbean entertainment fraternity and
regional media houses, in an effort to galvanise widespread support for the recovery effort from people
throughout the Caribbean, Caribbean diaspora around the world, as well as people who love the Caribbean,
including international entertainers…all in unity to donate towards a Fund that will ensure that the those in
needs have access to immediate assistance when required. The Fund will be managed by a committee along
with a regional accounting partner. Partnerships will be established with reputable regional agencies and
foundations that are engaged in the recovery effort on the ground, to ensure that the funds are used for the
purpose intended.
Donors to the fund can monitor through social media the balance of the fund as well as each disbursement as it
is approved. They will also be able to determine where they want their funds to be spent and see reports of
how the disbursed funds were used.
The I AM Caribbean project is an on-going project that will seek to support the long-term recovery efforts which
currently face the affected Caribbean island states.
We recognise that the fund cannot and will not solve all the problems, but we are honoured to be part of what is
a larger effort from people around the world who are committed to helping the region recover from this tragedy
of immense proportions. The Fund will seek to remain current, mindful that the hurricane season is annual in
the Caribbean.
We urge everyone to join us in this effort. #CaribbeanStrong #IAM #IAmCaribbean #WeisWe
I Am Live Aid Project
‘I Am my Brothers and Sisters Keeper’
Sunday October 29, 2017
Garfield Sobers Gymnasium
The Barbadian Production Community has come together to launch the I Am LIVE AID Project, a fully televised
benefit for those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. A coming together of Regional and diaspora talent and
artists, the LIVE AID project is a regional drive to be televised throughout the region to share the stories of those
left in the wake of the Hurricanes, via CMC & Trident 10TV, to implore all West Indians, those who love the
Caribbean and our diaspora to donate to the cause on Sunday October 29, 2017 from 4p.m.
The I AM Live Aid Project will climax with a full showcase at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium on Sunday October
29th, 2017, an evening for the entire family, we encourage persons to come out and make their donation and
enjoy the evening offerings for a charitable cause.
The I AM Live Project will be empowered by Caribbean Talent, all of whom have donated their time to empower
this drive. On behalf of the collective we thank them, as we believe that their voices will further encourage the
Caribbean and the Diaspora to give generously to our Brothers and Sisters in this their time of need.
This effort could not be possible without the vision and the fortitude of likeminded West Indians, who felt too
the strong need to be unifying as there is strength in numbers, with ideas and talent to bring this initiative alive
and to engage Barbados, the West Indies and the Diaspora. Aura Barbados, Antigua’s Alliance 268, Barbados
Today, Booze Cruise Events, Bushy Park Raceway, Gymnasium Limited, Capital Media HD, the Caribbean Disaster
Emergency Management Agency, the Caribbean Media Corporation, DB Productions, Elevate Events, Events by
Dwayne Omar, Gimme Soca, HYPD, LIAT, Mojito, Nouvelle Vie the CSR Arm of TicketPal Caribbean, One Island
Entertainment, Preferred Insurance Brokers, Pyramid Entertainment, Renaissance Designs, TicketPal Caribbean,
Trident 10TV, Turnt, UV and We Ting. We also thank the Barbados Transport Board, KPMG and Jet Blue. We
welcome any of other offers of assistance.
What makes this fundraising drive a cut above the rest is the provision for the immediate commitment of
donations. TicketPal Caribbean’s 15 Outlets including Cave Shepherd Broad Street provide several accessible
points for persons to make their donations. Donations can also be made online at www.ticketpalCaribbean.com,
allowing persons from all over the world to make their contributions to this heartfelt cause. The funds collected
will be accounted for and audited by a local international firm and the funds managed by the Caribbean Disaster
Management Agency.
The I Am Caribbean Live Project first major fundraiser starts today. All outlets are open for donations and
tickets and registration for the Jump. For further information on the I Am Project we invite you to contact
Orlando Newton at orlando@ticketpal.com or at telephone number (246) 624-3369 or 830-8935.

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