Martinique dives into the annual DEMA Show.

Diving in Martinique

(E-Turbo News)The Island of Martinique announces its participation in the annual DEMA SHOW from November 1st to 4th, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The Island of Flowers will be presenting unique diving spots of the Caribbean archipelago alongside private sector partners and its official delegation.

The annual DEMA Show, the largest trade-only event in the world for companies doing business in the scuba diving, ocean water sports and adventure/dive travel industries, attracts hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of dive and travel industry professionals from around the world.

Martinique plays host to a unique niche diving market with over 22 dive sites, 45 diving structures of clubs and associations and a cornucopia of untapped wreck sites with optimal diving conditions in the bluest waters in this region.

One of the highlights of Martinique’s extraordinary diving cities includes the famous Saint-Pierre’s wrecks, offering one of the Caribbean’s most accessible undersea journeys back in time. Once known as The Paris of the Caribbean, Saint-Pierre was converted into The Pompeii of the Caribbean when Mt. Pelée volcano erupted in 1902, destroying the city and a number of ships docked in its bustling harbor. Out of this destruction was born an amazing array of wreck diving options. Eleven ships, dating from the 19th century, are now resting in depths ranging from 50 to 265 feet offering visitors a unique window into Martinique’s rich historical past.

For novice and experienced divers alike, Saint-Pierre wreck dives offer an amazing opportunity to experience all the fun and adventure of multiple sunken ships in one concentrated area. The historical significance of the wrecks adds to the wonder of the experience, making it one of the most rewarding dive destinations in the entire Caribbean.

And most recently, la Réserve Naturelle Territoriale Marine du Prêcheur (Natural Maritime Reserve of Le Prêcheur) has been classified to shelter two exceptional sites, Ilets La Perle and La Citadelle, as well as 12 km of coastline along the town of Le Prêcheur, at the foot of the majestic Mount Pelée. This natural reserve entitled Albert Falco, named after the captain of Calypso and close friend of Jean-Jacques Cousteau is a haven of marine biodiversity.

This reserve with exceptional fauna and flora, protected species, amazing coral reefs and spectacular diving sites has been officially unveil with the notable presence of S.A.S. Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Alfred Marie-Jeanne, President of Martinique Collectivity this October 27th 2017.


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