“One Caribbean 10 questions with Monelle Alexis” #Dominica Campaign


One Caribbean catches up with Monelle Alexis, a Dominica national, patriot and Campaign Manager of Hashtag Dominica, who is doing all she can to fuel a #Dominica campaign.

Monelle, thank you for taking time out of your much busy schedule to answer One Caribbean’s 10 question interview.

Let’s get right to it.

Question: 1. We heard you are fueling a campaign. Could you give us a brief synopsis of it?
Answer: To help motivate and inspire our people in Dominica in this challenging time, we have decided to carry out a #Dominica Social Media campaign to help celebrate our independence. We may not be able to celebrate our independence as grand as in the past years, but we will celebrate our independence with the help of our friends and families all around the world.
Question: 2. Is this something that is instigated by a marketing Dominica team?
Answer: This campaign is NOT instigated by a marketing Dominica team. This campaign is carried out by a few individuals who all have love for country.
Question 3. What inspired you to want to do this?
Answer: We first started this social media campaign on May 16, 2017, geared at getting #Dominica to trend on social media. The main aim of this campaign was to get Dominica recognized by the outside world and to allow Dominicans in and out of Dominica to showcase all that Dominica has to offer on one specific day. We wanted to flood social media on that day and it worked. 
This time around the main reason for carrying out this campaign is to get Dominicans in and around excited about something during our 39 years of independence. Hurricane Maria destroyed Dominica and we want to get the rest of the Caribbean and the world to rally around Dominica on November 3, 2017, to celebrate independence.
Question 4. What impact do you feel this campaign will have?
Answer: Positive impact I hope. We are at a stage where people need something to look forward too. This will help. Also we aim to bring some emotional healing to the people of this island. We want them to remember how blessed we are, relive happy moments and focus on recovering.
Question 5. What is the feedback so far?
Answer: We have received a lot of positive feedback so far. Prior to launching this campaign we saw on Facebook that a few people were stating that now would be a good time for another #Dominica, we need a little free up. There were also a few people sending us messages asking us when are we planning on carrying out another campaign because right now they need something to look forward too.
As soon as the campaign was launched we got a lot of ‘thank yous’.
Question 6. Have you reached out any funding agencies or donor groups or government agencies to get this message out?
Answer: No. We only reached out the media companies via news/press releases.
Question 7. Are there any graphics or videos to aid people in getting the message out, or information they could share?
Answer: Please see: Facebook page: Hashtag Dominica
                   Website: www.hashtagdominica.com
                   Twitter: @hashtagdominica
                   Instagram: Hashtagdominica
 Question 8. Do you think this is going to help Dominica after what happened with Maria?
Answer: This campaign will not help Dominica directly but it will give a positive impact on many people on the island. We appeal to the emotional state of the islanders. 
Hopefully others may feel the need to reach out to assist the island after the campaign.
Question 9. Remind of the details we need to know. Date, time and what is happening.
Date: November 3, 2017
Time:  12:00am November 3 to 11:59pm 
Dominicans in and around Dominica will flood social media with #Dominica on images etc an all social media channels.
Question 10. How will you measure success at the end of this campaign?
By the responses of people and the images posted. 🙂
Thank you Monelle for this endeavor. One Caribbean Network will will aid in getting the word out there for this #Dominica Campaign which will also be seen on Facebook: onecaribbennetwork, Twitter: @oncaribbeannet and Instagram: @onecaribbeannetwork
For more information: info@onecaribbeannetwork.com


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