One Caribbean Network 10 Questions with Crystel Hilton.

Crystel Hilton, Fashion Designer.

Good Day Crystel, we are excited to speak with you today. Thank you for taking the time to chat with One Caribbean Network’s 10 Questions with Crystel Hilton!

One Caribbean Network has been trying to bridge the gap with professionals and citizens from all over the Caribbean, and we are very happy that you could spare some of your time to allow the Caribbean to catch up to speed with Crystel Hilton from the island of Dominica, the young woman who loves fashion and is starting to make waves in the fashion industry.

Question 1. Who is Crystel Hilton??

Answer: I am a creative, driven, passionate 24 year old up and coming Jewelry and Accessory Designer featured in both regional and international fashion shows. I’m clay designed, molded and shaped by the Creator, my greatest inspiration. I am art.

Question 2. What inspired you to be a fashion designer?

Answer: I have always been intrigued by the world of art. I am inspired by the creator. God has blessed us with lush green mountainous forest, 365 rivers, views that are to die for, featuring the rising and the setting of the sun, every day I stand amazed at creation in itself. What truly captured me was really viewing the works of local talents across the island including my parents who are uniquely talented and viewing fashion shows and design competitions on television.

Question 3. What style or theme defines your work?

Answer: I love designing exotic pieces. Which are bold, mysterious, and eye-catching. They include vibrant colors and fascinating prints. These pieces really bring out my inspirations, history and culture.

Question 4. Is there a particular line or campaign that you are working on?

Answer: Yes currently I am working on my 2018 line that I will be launching in April which is truly something to look out for.

Question 5. Do you hand produce your own items or is it factory manufactured?

Answer: Yes I do capitalize on the production of handmade fashion products of superb quality.

Question 6. What’s your favorite part in being a designer?

Answer: I love when my designs come to life, I love sharing my inner creative mind with the world and also seeing that joy expressed through my client’s eyes after receiving their products/designs.

Question 7. What skills do you think are necessary for a successful fashion designer?

Answer: You definitely have to be, highly creative and artistic, have a good eye for detail, understand texture, color and fabric, have strong visualization skills, a great sense for business, a competitive spirit, communication and interpersonal skills and be passionate and love what you do.

Question 8. How do you stay up to date with changing trends?

Answer: I keep up with consumer magazines, browse through websites, blogs and social media, read online newspaper articles and keep up with fashion YouTube channels.

Question 9. What shows or experiences have you had so far that has been memorable and has taught you lessons?

Answer: I was privileged to be invited to my first international show in Montreal Quebec Canada (Montreal Caribbean Fashion Week). This was a great opportunity to show my designs on an international stage which was well received. I was able to market myself as a designer and my designs through various interviews including an interview done with Caribbean vibrations TV.  I experienced new culture and fashion and also was amidst fashion designers from the Caribbean and North America. I learned so much about fashion and how culture influences fashion etc. from then on I learned that it doesn’t matter where I go, I always have to network, be prepared and expect the unexpected.

Question 10. What’s next for Crystel Hilton in the world of design?

I am looking forward to “growth” as a designer; therefore, I am always learning and doing courses to educate myself on new design techniques etc.  Presently I am working on my 2018 collection and looking forward to the upcoming fashion shows that I have been invited to and also working on expanding my brand and launching my website which is long overdue.

Before we end today, could you share with the Caribbean where Crystel Hilton designs is located, or how you can be contacted.

Crystel Hilton Designs office is located at Paradisehill Bioche Dominica. I can be contacted through facebook, email or phone. (Facebook- Crystel Hilton designs, Email:, Phone : (767) 612-8703) All my products are featured on my Facebook page, “Crystel Hilton designs”. Follow me on my Instagram, “crystel_hilton” to keep updated with my new designs and journey as a designer. You could also subscribe to my YouTube channel “crystel hilton” for my weekly creative tips and tutorials.

To view Crystel Hilton’s interview with Caribbean Vibrations at the Montreal Caribbean Fashion Week 2017, start video at 5:20 minutes.

Video Credit: YouTube:Caribvibetv

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