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Good Day Omari, we are so happy to catch up with you during your busy schedule. Thank you for taking the time to chat with One Caribbean Network’s 10 Questions with Omari Banks!

One Caribbean Network has been trying to bridge the gap with professionals and citizens from all over the Caribbean, and we are very happy that you could spare some of your time to allow the Caribbean populous to catch up to speed with Omari Banks. Let’s get right into it.

Question 1. Most people when they hear your name they probably think of the cricketer and may not know you as a musician, is this something that you commonly face or has that changed?

When I first started music full time I got a lot of people saying that they thought I was a cricketer etc, but as I toured more and people saw my live shows they quickly saw it was a genuine talent I had.

Question 2. How did you get into the music industry, isn’t it a different world from a Test Cricket Match, or are there similarities?

 I got into music as it was a talent of mine from a young age and being around a dad (Bankie Banx who is an artiste. Music was always apart of my upbringing. I played instruments and sang in talents shows from the age of 5 years old. My music job at 16 was actually entertaining at hotels in Anguilla.

Question 3. What’s a typical day or week like for you as a professional?

When I’m not touring I’m at home in Anguilla  on my guitar playing, going to the beach, spending time with my family and working in studio.

Question 4. What are some lessons you learned over the last few years?

A few  lessons I’ve learnt through out my life spanning in two careers is that you have believe in your ability and follow your passions. Life can be complex and sucess never comes easy. Anything good come with a  reasonable measure of effort and sacrifice.

Question 5. For people who are not too familiar with your music, what musical genre do you represent?

 I do reggae music as the genre, but I see my  music as broader that a genre as it is also has strongs elements of blues, jazz and folk infused.

Question 6. Do you have a favorite artist or hero who you believe helped hone your direction?
Ive been inspired by many artiste some of my favourite would be , Stevie Wonder, lenny Kravitz, Bob Marley ,Bankie Banx , Carlos Santana , Morgan Heritage, Thirdworld  and Lauryn Hill to name a few. On the musician side Jr Jazz and  Corey Stoote helped my guitar playing in my early years of learning.

Question 7. Let’s take you back to your cricket days, what was your most memorable experience?

I think what stands out most is the world record chase of 418 which I played a big role in Against Australia, that sticks out as most memorable, but also being one of 3 nominees for Wisden world young Cricket Player of the year award in 2004 stand out as one of my proudest moments.

Question 8. Random fun question: If life was a musical, and you were in the Final Day of a Test Match, last wicket and you had to rock out to your opposition vs (choose team and player up to bat). What song would you perform?

I would say…Australia vs West Indies and I would Rock out to My Song I did featuring Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage “No Point to Prove”

Question 9. Hurricanes Irma and Maria, greatly devastated the Caribbean. How were you affected, and do you think there is any good we can take from these nightmares?

Hurricane Irma and Maria hit the Caribbean hard and my country Anguilla suffered as well. I think the lesson to take from the devastation is that unity is the key to our existence as a region as well as  we have got to  make the case for the need to move to renewable energy in the region as well as the world.

Question 10. We know you have been playing your part in helping to rebuild through Benefit Concerts etc. Could you share a little about these endeavors?

Directly after hurricane Irma I wanted to help those affected as much as I could. My first thought was to inspire a positive attitude in spite of the destruction which is when I the song “Caribbean strong” the next step for me was to give to those who needed help during this time so I worked with the organisation Apany which was providing relief to Anguilla for those affected by the storm. Music has the power to heal a broken spirit.

Thank you for taking time to share with us more about Omari Bank’s world of cricket and music. Any closing words?

I have a new album that is available on all digital platforms called Sunlight. Make sure you go over to my webpage and follow me socially
Instagram and Twitter @omaribanks11
Facebook : OmariBanksMusic

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