San Juan and Mt Lambert flooded again in Trinidad


Port of Spain, Trinidad. (Express)It took less than 30-minutes of heavy rainfall yesterday afternoon for several roads in San Juan and Mt Lambert to be covered in flood waters.

The flash flooding left several persons stranded in their homes and even resulted in vehicles which were parked along the roadways to be partially submerged. The waters even flowed out onto parts of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, leading to a buildup of traffic for persons who were exiting Port of Spain and environs and heading in an easterly direction.

Sandra Samuell of Eighth Street, Mt Lambert, recalled that she was in her room when the rains started to fall. Initially she thought nothing of it, however, when she went to her kitchen less than 30 minutes later, she was shocked to see water in her driveway.

“It floods in this area from time to time yes, but normally after a full day of rain. But no matter how many times you complain to the Ministry of Works and Transport or the Regional Corporation, no one seems to hear you. Construction is being done on the mountains with no care or concern as to where the runoff water from these new homes would be going. Meanwhile the rivers in the back of El Socorro are filled and water cannot escape, so the waters have nowhere else to go but onto the roadways.

“I have complained for years to the relevant authorities, but it only gets worse and worse each year, because nothing is being done. Today was one of the worst I’ve seen. It was flash flooding in the most literal sense. There was no reason to be concerned as it had only just started raining. I just happened to be in the kitchen and I saw the water in the yard already. That was madness,” Samuell said.

When Express visited the site some construction workers were seen taking shelter in a shed, stranded by flood waters.


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