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Student Who Tried Poisoning Her Jamaican Roommate To Get Her To Move Out Learns Her Fate (video)


When she was in college, 18-year-old Brianna Brochu thought she was hilarious. She would regularly contaminate her roommate’s belongings with spit and used tampons. It was a nasty and extreme effort on Brochu’s part to get her victimized roommate to move. But she has since been charged with crimes and appeared in court on Wednesday.

When Brochu made the walk of shame into the courtroom, she was surrounded by people who knew what she did. And they held up signs of protest that called her out as “nasty” and far worse things.

Because of her disgusting habit, Brochu was expelled from The University of Hartford in central Connecticut. Although she was trying to keep the chatter to a minimum, Brochu couldn’t help bragging to her Instagram followers about how she “spit” in her roommate’s coconut oil and rubbed the roommate’s “toothbrush places where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Brochu wanted to drive her black roommate out and later called her on social media a “Jamaican Barbie.” To rub in horror, Brochu would swipe her disgusting used tampons all over her victim’s backpack.

It took two months, but Brochu got what she desired. Her roommate, Chennel Rowe, left her behind. And that only fed the fire of Brochu’s hatred toward her black roommate when she wrote, “I can finally say goodbye Jamaican Barbie.”

At one point, Rowe recorded a Facebook video where she claimed she kept getting sick but didn’t know why. When she discovered her roommate’s obsession with contaminating her personal products with used tampons, she finally understood.

Because Brochu was targeted her black roommate because she was “Jamaican,” the local NAACP believes that the former college student should face hate crime charges.

“These are probably the most disgusting, trifling, nasty, nastiest things we’ve heard since we’ve been in civil rights,” Scot X. Esdaila, state president for the Connecticut NAACP said in a statement.

Tom Stevens is representing Brochu for her crimes. He spoke to Inside Edition about his client’s alleged disgusting propensities.

“There was nothing racial that motivated this. This was two students that were placed together randomly, who didn’t like each other and became roommates, and it just escalated,” he said.

It is still possible for the district attorney to increase the charges on Brochu to a hate crime. But until her next court appearance on December 18, the “roommate from hell” will have to wait out her time like any other accused criminal.

The video was shared on Inside Edition’s YouTube channel. The following are comments from viewers like you:

“Of course a white female teenager would do that then share it on social media.”

“It doesn’t matter that she is actually charged with the crime (she should be) this will stuck with her for her whole life like job interviews.”

“I don’t know how this is all “alleged” when she admitted to it and had photos/videos of her doing those acts.”

“Just cruel! What an evil thing to do. She should be charged with a hate crime.”

Do you think she should be charged with a hate crime?

Video Credit: YouTube_InsideEdition

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